Automating Risk Intelligence at Risk Nordics 2022 Conference

Written by Supply Wisdom Team

Risk Nordics 2022
Supply Wisdom will be presenting a session on Automating risk intelligence through real-time automation.

Risk Nordics 2022 is the event that will enable risk leads from the key Nordic and Baltic countries to connect with each other and understand how they are beating shared problems.

 Supply Wisdom is a proud sponsor of the conference.

At our breakout session on Day 2 of the conference, Alex Hollis, EMEA Field CTO, Supply Wisdom discuss:

  • Exploring supply chain vulnerabilities and rising third-party risks.
  • Balancing investment and organizational culture to create an efficient risk management process.
  • Assessing long-term impacts of location-based risk.
  • Unpacking culture of problems that can increase the risk of cyber-attacks.
  • Creating a risk operation center with actionable risk intelligence.

Dates: November 15 – 16, 2022

Place: Copenhagen

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