2013 World Leadership Summit

Written by praveen gupta

The 2013 World Leadership Summit will take place in Fort Worth, TX from October 15th to 17th, 2013.

Neo Group will be leading a presentation titled, Leveraging Market Data and Supplier Information to Drive Better Performance.

Greater global information and insights can allow a company to improve the results of their global services portfolio and seize economic opportunities that otherwise been lost.

This bringing greater expertise in house and actively monitoring existing and potential locations and suppliers to identify and seize opportunities whether for company owned or outsourced operations. In this session we will discuss how one company uses information to better facilitate Global Decision-making in areas such as IT, HR and Finance & Accounting.

We will discuss resource management as a broad topic but more specifically
– How Merck seeks to use expertise and information to achieve optimal results and continuous improvement
– The role of market and location data in helping corporate functions make decisions about what? and where?
– Merck’s focus on risks associated with supplier management (procurement lens) as well as risks associated with Shared Services Center setup around the globe to implement Centers of Excellence by business function
– Vendor Sourcing Selection, how supplier data can help facilitate global decisions across the sourcing life-cycle
– How to incorporate best practices and market insights into effective governance

For more information about the 2013 Global Leadership Summit, please visit the event page.

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