Enhance Your Supply Risk Management Program to Kick Off 2015

Avatar Written by Laurence Blanchette

Instead of focusing on minimizing risk, ask how you can manage it. What can you do to avoid risks while spotting opportunities in order to help your organization succeed in an environment of ever-increasing global threats?

How can you make risk management practical with limited resources?

With an effective Risk Management Program in place, you can leverage global services and sourcing to fuel innovation, enter new markets, lower costs and increase revenues. This presentation will share key challenges, effective approaches and practical tips to building and maintaining an effective supplier and location risk management program.

You will learn:

  • Practical approaches to making global supplier risk management proactive and actionable with limited resources.
  • Effective techniques for engaging internal and external stakeholders.
  • How to use risk management to stay compliant with regulatory requirements.
  • How to make 2015 the year that risk management becomes operational, not just theoretical!

This webinar will conclude with a sneak peek at what Neo Group will be doing to enhance Risk Monitoring and Management in 2015.

Access the webinar recording here.