The Risks of Blockchain on Credit Bureaus

The credit reporting system in the US recently came under surveillance on various fronts, from a lack of clarity into credit scoring systems for customers and flawed credit reporting to cyber security risk incidents. IT infrastructure is evolving rapidly, transforming the way the cloud, traditional data centers, and data endpoints interact. Blockchain is the newest […]

Driving Risk Management through a Centralized VMO

Vendor risk management can span across many internal groups, like sourcing, procurement, and vendor management teams. Trying to manage complex vendor ecosystems across multiple groups can be cumbersome when so many players are involved. Neo Group has seen increasing trends with organizations centralizing their vendor and risk management functions. This allows for standardization of processes, […]

Need for the “Kaizen” approach to improve Ease of Doing Business

“Kaizen”, a word with Sino-Japanese origins, refers to the philosophy of continuous improvement. This approach has witnessed widespread adoption among corporates and has been implemented in many different contexts, be it corporate strategy or workplace improvement. But why are we talking about Kaizen and where exactly does it fit in with the context of ‘ease […]

What Challenges do Suppliers face for Location & Visa Independency?

With the US elections approaching, global service providers continue to be influenced by the impending visa situation in the near term. It is believed that with business visas, such as H-1B and L-1, becoming limited and the US presidential election due in November, visas have become a political tool to win votes. As a result […]

Employability and Skill Development Initiatives: Any Tangible Impact?

A lot has been said about EMPLOYABILITY and a lot has been done too. With statistics such as “Less than 40% of Indian graduates employable” and “Very low English proficiency of Colombian labor pool could impact BPO sector” grabbing headlines, the question is “Are the current skill development initiatives enough?” Do these initiatives, present in […]

A Bribe For a Bribe Leaves The Whole World Corrupt

Corruption, fraud, bribery, graft, nepotism, embezzlement! – Sounds familiar? These buzz words are doing the rounds ever so frequently in the national headlines of many countries lately. Ranging from major political scandals and large-scale larceny by reputed multinational firms to government crackdown on fraudulent practices and new anti-corruption laws at national and subnational levels, corruption […]

Supply Wisdom Monitor: Country Risk Index – What’s New?

Outsourcing Risk Indices are great tools for risk assessment and management. Supply WisdomSM recently launched the quarterly Supply Wisdom Monitor: Country Risk Index, a Comprehensive coverage of risks and opportunities of global outsourcing markets and ranking of key locations based on Composite Risk Score, generated by Supply Wisdom’s Risk Algorithm. Ten major outsourcing hubs across APAC, EMEA […]