Meet Supply Wisdom at RSA Charge 2019

Meet Supply Wisdom at RSA Charge 2019 to discuss how we can help you develop a robust TPRM program – from defining KPIs to establishing real-time risk monitoring.

Three Categories of Third Party Risks with BPOs

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has generated an incredible amount of value over the years for companies. A lot of firms, small to large, outsourced their people-intensive functions such as payroll, accounting, telemarketing, data transcription, customer support, and others to specialized services providers. Typically, BPO vendors were located in countries like India, Philippines, or Ireland, which […]

Introducing Our New Managing Director, Alliances and Partnerships: Robert Barclay

We are delighted to welcome Robert Barclay to the team, as we continue enhancing Supply Wisdom Robert brings 30+ years of experience in business, marketing, customer experience, alliances and partnerships. Robert’s wide-ranging experience encompasses small, large, private and public enterprises building brands, leading sales, and creating customer experiences that have an impact. Robert will focus […]