L&T’s Hostile Bid for Mindtree: Evaluating Third Party Risks

Mindtree, a technology and outsourcing company, was incorporated in the year 1999. Venture capital firms Walden International and Sivan Securities funded the company, later joined by the Capital Group and Franklin Templeton. The company deals in e-commerce, mobile applications, cloud computing, digital transformation, data analytics, enterprise application integration, and enterprise resource planning. In February 2019, […]

Dell Is Going Public Again [Without an IPO]! Does it Impact Supplier Risk?

In 2013, Dell Technologies decided to go private in a US$24 billion leveraged buyout led by private equity firm Silver Lake Partners and Dell Technology founder Michael Dell. During the last five years, post privatizing, the company’s stock price dropped 31%, resulting from falling personal computer sales, the upswing in mobile computing technology, and the […]

Watch Out for New Financial Services Regulations in 2018

Regulatory policies for financial services providers were predicted to undergo a massive restructuring in 2018. However, regulators are likely to continue to expect an overall strengthening of core risk management governance, controls, practices, and reporting, particularly in the areas of data protection and third-party risk management, which can have a considerable impact on the financial […]

Possible Consequences for the Acquisition of Level 3 Communications by CenturyLink

Over the last few months, most technology companies have been investing through acquisitions in order to accelerate growth and market share. Of late, Supply Wisdom has seen several organizations reorganizing their service models and growth strategies. With the rising requirement for newer technologies, most large suppliers are acquiring smaller companies to create more value for […]

CEO Vishal Sikka’s Resignation Highlights Clash of Cultures at Infosys

It is no secret that over the years, Infosys is regarded as a representation of excellent corporate governance practices, ethics, and values. Infosys has been known for its ethos, deep-rooted values, and unquestionable integrity. In the past, Infosys was looked up to by other companies as a benchmark for having no reports of wrongdoing. The […]