As H-1B Policy Changes Are Awaited, Can Companies Plan to Look Beyond the Struggle?

Over the years, several Indians have gone to the US on H-1B visas, but now Indian IT firms have reduced the number of their H-1B visa filings, a trend that started in 2017. Immigration experts believe that it could further decline in 2018, following the tough and unpredictable environment created by the US administration. This […]

Geo-Political Risk – A Hard Reality for Investors in the APAC Region

Globalization is a reality that compels businesses to rethink how they would manage their operations across multiple markets. Before expanding into other locations, businesses must evaluate the pros and cons surrounding a particular location. Due diligence studies and strategic location analysis is a must, which basically involves assessment of all types of risks pertaining to […]

Emerging Cyber Threats and Rising Cyber Security Risks for Organizations

In this digital era, the internet has facilitated the quick adoption of technology by businesses making online transactions easier. However, with increasing digitalization, the number of cyber-attacks is on the rise. It seems organizations are not fully equipped to manage IT security and tackle security threats to their business operations. Cyber-attacks can adversely impact businesses […]

The Stench of Corruption: Is there a way to stop it?

Over the years, corruption has become a rising menace that its effect is rampant throughout our society. Recently, this issue created headlines across several countries such as India, Mexico, and China who have been struggling to combat corruption. Charles Caleb Colton once said: “Corruption is like a ball of snow, once it is set rolling, […]