CSR Is Beyond Public Relations, There’s So Much More!

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not a new terminology that needs introduction. It is probably one of the most used terms in the corporate dictionary. Over the years, CSR has become an integral part of the reputation building exercise of an organization. Initially limited to the C-suite, today it has extended to possibly every employee […]

Rio 2016 – The Olympics Tech Affair Gets Bigger And Better

The word ‘Olympics’ evokes vivid images in one’s mind, of countless sports and athletes, their preparation, the intense competition, the finish lines, energy, spirit, greatness, medals, celebration, and so on. Add technology to that list. The 2016 Summer Olympics, more popularly known as the Rio Olympics, are showcasing some of the best technology experience, thanks […]

Brexit – A Geo-Political Reality Check for Global Businesses

The much anticipated UK referendum results are out and Brexit it is. 51.9% of the UK voted in favor of the ‘British Exit’ from the European Union (EU); not a convincing majority, but a majority nonetheless. The pro-EU voices of Scotland, Northern Ireland, and London couldn’t save the day with the rest of England and […]

Jamaica: Of Great Food, Splendid Beaches, and Top-Notch BPOs!

Business in Jamaica is often associated with its hospitality and tourism industry. So it might be a bit surprising to hear the name come up when the talk is not about travel or vacations. Like many things still unknown to the most of us, for instance the character of James Bond being created on the […]

Supply Wisdom Monitor: Country Risk Index – What’s New?

Outsourcing Risk Indices can turn out to be great tools for risk assessment and management (at least the baby steps) and there is no dearth of them these days. Supply WisdomSM Research Division recently launched the quarterly Supply Wisdom Monitor: Country Risk Index. Read on to find out how this index represents country risk and […]

Industry-Institution Partnerships – Be There First to Get the Best

“The early bird catches the worm” is a timeless idiom, commonly used in various contexts. Does it apply to industry-academia partnerships? Read on to know how. Collaboration between companies and universities/colleges is not unheard of. In fact, some of the biggest tech firms sprouted from university campuses. The humble beginnings of tech giants like Google, […]

How Vulnerable Is Your Business to Location Risk from Ethnic Violence?

Every country in the world experiences some degree of social tension – so how should you incorporate this type of risk in your overall risk management program? How much weightage should be assigned to risks related to social tensions such as ethnic violence? This blog explores several recent examples of ethnic tensions and offers practical […]