Does NBN Continue to Pose Challenges for Australian Telcos?

Introduction to the NBN Owned by the Australian Government, NBN (National Broadband Network) Co Limited was founded in 2009 to manage Australia’s National Broadband Network as a monopoly wholesale broadband provider. Very recently, in order to substitute the prevailing broadband infrastructure with a digital, speedier, and more consistent broadband service, the NBN decided to roll-out […]

Journey of the Big Four: Audit Giants Bet on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (Part Three)

Introduction Globally, we are witnessing that companies, researchers, governments, and even individuals are exploring the Bitcoin (cryptocurrency) and Blockchain technology to ascertain how it can be leveraged across various industries. The Big Four accounting firms also joined this trend pretty early on; to be better prepared to inculcate the technology in their offerings in the […]

Journey of the Big Four: Accounting Firms Join the Cloud, Analytics & AI Bandwagon (Part Two)

Introduction During the early 2000’s, global corporations began to play around technologies which are now the founding pillars of innovation, i.e. data storage, cloud, and data analytics. These technologies will remain a part of the firms’ business model even in the coming future. Accounting firms are leveraging emerging technologies for their own and clients’ data […]

Journey of the Big Four: Can Accounting Companies Offer More than Audit Services (Part One)

KEY HIGHLIGHTS Accounting Industry Transition Led by Motives of Revenue Growth, Market Share, and Competitiveness: Global Accounting Firms Begin to Look Beyond Their Existing Comfortable Sources of Income The Big Four Explore the Consulting Landscape by Leveraging Its Existing Pool of Expertise and Brand Name New Ventures Bring New Risks to the Management Table: The […]

Understanding the Role of Credit Agencies and a Corporate Rating Downgrade

The three big global rating agencies – Fitch, Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s – control about 96% of the global market. John Knowles Fitch founded the Fitch Publishing Company in 1913. In 1924, Fitch introduced the ‘AAA’ through ‘D’ rating system that has become the basis for ratings throughout the industry. John Moody and Company […]

In the Evolving Business Environment, Can You Overlook Real-Time Risk Monitoring?

Infrastructure security inadequacies at companies such as Equifax, Deloitte, and Accenture in the past few weeks have been part of corporate discussions. These are big reputed companies, which one may assume secure their network with strict security measures in place, but they have also succumbed to data breach incidents and neglect such as old servers […]

Surge in Divestment amid Changing Market Conditions and Consumer Behavior

Looking back at the first half of 2017, a trend was observed of companies giving off some of their business divisions. Companies across industries have been active in terms of portfolio adjustments. A Look at Some of the Divestments of H1 2017: Avaya, a technology company, agreed to sell its networking business to Extreme Networks. […]