HP Kicks Off 2016 with a Possible $1 Billion Sale

The New Year has started with stiff headwinds for HP with news that it is looking to sell its 60.5% shares in Mphasis, the BPO part of the business, for US$1 billion. Let’s take a look at the events leading up to this new development, and the possible impact on HP clients. In November 2015, […]

Keeping Up with Government Incentives & Policies that Impact Global Business Services

Government policies, laws and incentives can have a significant impact on business. They not only affect a company’s bottom line in terms of taxes and other costs, but can also impact availability of talent, data security, IP protection and overall ease of doing business. Are you carefully monitoring changes in policies and new incentive programs […]

Pervasive Fraud in India – Are You Aware of the Business Risks?

The leading global sourcing destination, India, also leads in a less favorable category: fraud. For many global companies, the threat of fraud is a known risk when entering emerging markets such as India. In many cases, executives reason that the opportunity for growth is greater than the potential risk of fraud. Before coming to such […]

Rains, Floods and Storms: Minimizing Geo-Political Risk Implications

Infrastructure is a key factor to consider while selecting a new destination for outsourcing, offshoring or setting up a global in-house center. Reliable roads, well maintained buildings and continued access to power supply is a fundamental requirement in ensuring smooth operations. However, every location has its set of seasonal weather difficulties that affect the location’s […]

Cisco & Ericsson Team Up to Take On the Competition and Drive Innovation

Networking giants Cisco and Ericsson announced a partnership to tackle competition and the changing tech environment. The ten-year partnership will enable both companies to overcome inadequacies, generate growth and increase innovation, all without the drawn out legal procedures of a merger. Details of the Deal Both Cisco and Ericsson are facing challenges due to the […]

Does the HP Split Mean More Risk to Your Business?

The most talked about subject in the American technology market has to be HP’s split into 2 companies: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co., which sells business software, servers, storage and networking equipment, and HP Inc., which includes the former company’s personal computer and printer businesses. The breakup marks the biggest milestone not only in the company’s […]