R3P Consulting Limited Expands Outsourcing, Vendor Management & Risk Consulting With Supply Wisdom Third-Party & Location Risk Intelligence

R3P Consulting, specialists in Outsourcing, Vendor Management & Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM), are pleased to announce the signing of a VAR agreement with Supply Wisdom, providers of real-time and continuous Third-Party and Location Risk Intelligence. The partnership provides Canadian clients with local client support to the most comprehensive and trusted intelligence and monitoring of third-party […]

Digital Convergence Demands a New Governance Approach. Are you Ready?

The digital convergence journey is leading organizations to enhanced data processing, storage, retrieval, and value.  At the same time, the regulatory sector is catching up and will likely begin using the same technology breakthroughs that we are implementing to test our compliance capabilities and diligence, and enhance our businesses. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), […]

Third Party Oversight: Is Location Risk Monitoring on your Radar?

Globalization has enabled, and in many cases demanded enterprises, both large and small, to generate value through a globally distributed third party network. Manufacturing in China, IT from India, outsourcing to the Philippines, and near-shoring with Mexico are results of a willingness to source globally and extract value and realize the benefits and unique advantages […]

Supplier Risk Monitoring for Effective Third Party Oversight

In an earlier blog, we spoke about how global sourcing magnifies risk. Essential to building a comprehensive Third Party Oversight program is a clear understanding of the importance of third party risk. Auditors are challenging businesses on how they identify and manage the risks of third parties that have significant impact on reputation, compliance, and […]

Third Party Oversight is Not a Luxury

While companies across the business spectrum are embracing a host of digital technologies for all aspects of operation transformation, senior executives are rallying around the need to pick up the pace of transformation. These challenges are not new and neither are some of the solutions as the industry has encountered and resolved similar problems in […]