Brand Risk – Sourcing Decisions Can’t Be Made On Hard Numbers Alone

Recently British Telecom announced that it planned to bring call center services back from India and place them in the UK. Why would BT bring back these services a decade after moving them? Reports show that UK customers were unhappy with speaking to representatives not based in the UK, and also referenced poor customer satisfaction […]

Why Your Risk Management Program Needs Analytics

As the global business environment becomes more and more complex, a company’s exposure to risk continuously increases. Over the past year or two, we’ve seen a growing attention to the function of risk management. Corporate leaders and boards now understand the value and criticality of investing in risk management, not only to meeting growing regulatory […]

Force Majeure Risk Management: Are You Prepared for Unpreventable Risks?

It’s easy for business leaders to dismiss the importance of monitoring location-based risks such as natural disasters, since in many cases those risks are not preventable or predictable. For instance, why worry about earthquakes, floods or fires if it’s impossible to prevent them? It’s important to remember that although the occurrence of these types of […]

Supplier Risk Management Is More Than Preparing For Specific Events

Fighting the Last War Have you ever heard the saying that countries build armies to fight the last war? That means that most leaders learn very specific, tactical lessons from their failures and then try to prevent the same failure from ever happening again – only to find out that the “new war” or next […]

Supply Risk Maturity: Everyone Thinks They’re Good At Their Jobs, Right?

Supplier risk managers are in an interesting spot – they’re their own worst enemies. If they’re bad at their jobs, then the company is exposed to unnecessary risk. BUT if they’re good at their jobs, then risk becomes so well managed that stakeholders begin to take their efforts for granted, turning on them with “what […]