Risks and Opportunities Shaping IT/BPM

The global IT/BPM sourcing landscape over the past decade and a half has been shaped by a number of factors such as cost arbitrage, availability of human capital, IT/IP protection regimes and ease of doing business. While some of these factors outweigh others, developments in other facets of IT/BPM, covering both buy and supply-side markets, […]

Philippines: Political Noise And Investment Stalemate

Just as we thought the IT-BPM growth story in the Philippines was looking picture perfect with solid revenues and rising “Next Wave Cities”, the statements made by President Rodrigo Duterte have managed to stir up a storm that has caught investors and businesses unaware. From his anti-U.S remarks to his pro-China foreign policy, everything has […]

Need for the “Kaizen” approach to improve Ease of Doing Business

“Kaizen”, a word with Sino-Japanese origins, refers to the philosophy of continuous improvement. This approach has witnessed widespread adoption among corporates and has been implemented in many different contexts, be it corporate strategy or workplace improvement. But why are we talking about Kaizen and where exactly does it fit in with the context of ‘ease […]

Migration or Exodus: When Crime Levels Rise

Perceived crime levels have a definitive impact on a location’s business competitiveness. With the recent surge in crime levels witnessed across countries such as Mexico and Canada, we re-look at the implications this has on the operating environment, business costs, and the overarching dent this makes in a location’s appeal as a sourcing destination. Mexico, […]

Employability and Skill Development Initiatives: Any Tangible Impact?

A lot has been said about EMPLOYABILITY and a lot has been done too. With statistics such as “Less than 40% of Indian graduates employable” and “Very low English proficiency of Colombian labor pool could impact BPO sector” grabbing headlines, the question is “Are the current skill development initiatives enough?” Do these initiatives, present in […]

A Unique Co-Relation: Pollution, Outsourcing and Risks

What ties the following headlines together? “Odd-Even Policy” to control pollution in Delhi, Ban on registration of diesel vehicles in Delhi and Kerala, Similar rules that prohibit the use of vehicles on certain days to control pollution in Mexico City and Beijing, Creation of a low emission zone around Antwerp No, it’s not just the […]

Darwinism in Outsourcing: Survival of the Most Innovative

Outsourcing has evolved from being almost entirely driven by cost savings and labor arbitrage into a much more sophisticated strategic relationship that prioritizes the top line over the bottom line. As competitive pressures continue to rise, companies seek strategic suppliers and service providers that can help them innovate and leverage emerging technologies in order to […]