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Analysis Of Key Global Supplier And Location Trends From Q3 2015



In this Insight Piece, global trends have been analysed to provide an overview of interesting developments related to supplier risks and location risks in recent months from around the world. [...]

Region Risk: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Q2 2015

09-15-2015|Europe, Middle East, Africa


An overview of global sourcing Risks & Opportunities in EMEA: Turkey, Ireland and South Africa.

How Will These Global Trends Affect Your Operations?



Around the world, events that have the potential to disrupt global business operations fill the news. Salary trends, exchange rates, epidemics, immigration policies, corruption, taxes, and pollution only begin to [...]

Region Risk: The Americas, Q2 2015

08-17-2015|Risk Infographics


An overview of global sourcing Risks & Opportunities in The Americas: Costa Rica, Peru and Argentina.

Region Risk: Asia Pacific, Q2 2015

07-15-2015|Asia Pacific


An overview of global sourcing Risks & Opportunities in APAC: India, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Navigating the Latin America Global Services Market: How to Choose the Right Sourcing Location



The region of Latin America is an attractive nearshore destination, but each country offers its own nuances. Business climate and laws, labor costs, working hours, visa requirements, English proficiency, services [...]

Supplier Risk Management Maturity: The Next Wave of Value Generation



In this Insight Piece, Christine Ferrusi Ross explores how a supplier risk management maturity model can be used to enhance a supplier risk management program's effectiveness and enable the business to lower [...]

Trends & Opportunities in Latin America: A Growing Market for World-Class Global Services



This report highlights key trends, challenges and opportunities of Latin America and shares detailed research and insights on ten of the leading countries in the region: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa [...]

Region Risk: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Q1 2015

06-15-2015|Europe, Middle East, Africa


An overview of global sourcing Risks & Opportunities in EMEA: Russia, Ghana and Poland.

Region Risk: The Americas, Q1 2015

05-15-2015|Risk Infographics


An overview of global sourcing Risks & Opportunities in The Americas: Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.

Immercio 2015 – The Leading LatAm Outsourcing Conference



Immercio 2015 is an annual conference hosted by the Nearshore Executive Alliance (NEA), an organization dedicated to promoting Latin America and the Caribbean as an attractive sourcing destination. The event gathers business leaders, [...]

Region Risk: Asia Pacific, Q1 2015

04-15-2015|Asia Pacific


An overview of global sourcing Risks & Opportunities in Asia Pacific: China, Australia and Philippines.

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