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The Need for Solid Governance Model

07-15-2010|Location Risk Monitor


When I make presentations at client conferences, I often ask this question:What is the single largest factor contributing to the failure of services globalisation initiatives? The answers I receive range [...]

Brazil Rank in Attracting Investment



Atul Vashistha, Chariman & Founder speaking about - How Does Brazil Rank in Attracting Investment?

Assign Best People for Globalisation Initiatives

05-15-2010|Location Risk Monitor


Globalisation is not about a single action, or even a group of actions. Globalisation, when successful, is about an attitude. Yet even when the CEO of a company embraces Globalisation [...]

Align Business and Globalisation Objectives

03-15-2010|Location Risk Monitor


I’ve said before that a company that wishes to flourish in today’s global market must adopt a services Globalisation strategy. However, not every company is ready to Globalise each of [...]

Adopting Lifecycle Approach to Globalisation Journey

01-15-2010|Location Risk Monitor


Services globalisation is a journey and not just a destination; it requires management of the entire lifecycle – from the knowledge phase (understanding the true services globalisation opportunity) to the [...]

Embracing Globalisation

11-15-2009|Location Risk Monitor


One underlying fact successful globalisers understand is that services globalisation has come a long way from offshore outsourcing and continues to evolve every day.As services globalisation evolves,new opportunities arise. The [...]

Do the Communications Right

09-15-2009|Location Risk Monitor


Communicating effectively with your internal and external stakeholders is an important part of successful globalisation initiatives. That’s important because opinions, if they become negative, can turn into behaviours that threaten [...]

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