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Neo Group CEO, Atul Vashistha, quoted in CNBC Outsourced R&D Article

08-07-2014|In the News


Thursday, 7 Aug 2014 | 8:00 AM ET - Outsourced R&D: The threat to American innovation Susan Caminiti | @SusanCaminiti As published by CNBC: " U.S. multinationals see some of their [...]

IAOP Governance Chapter Meeting: Governance for Global Business Services and Hybrid Delivery



The August IAOP Chapter Meeting, held on August 14, 2014, featured a valuable discussion about a detailed and informative case study on Governance Models for Global Business Services (GBS) by [...]

Hot, Hot, Hot: Egypt and Kenya



Supply Wisdom data and analysis are featured in IAOP Pulse magazine's Hot Spots feature on Egypt and Kenya. As published in IAOP's Pulse Magazine: Egypt has one of the highest growth [...]

Maximizing Value in Contract Renegotiations



When a services contract nears its end and the possibility of a contract renegotiation presents itself, organizations have an opportunity to fully review their sourcing model and re-align sourcing strategies with their [...]

Region Risk: Asia Pacific, Q1 2014

07-15-2014|Asia Pacific


An overview of global sourcing Risks & Opportunities in India, Malaysia & Vietnam.

Robots & Automation: The Next Wave of Transformation in Global Sourcing



How are robotics and automation impacting global services and sourcing, and what's in store for the future? Using Google’s Self-Driving Car as a handy analogy, this Insight Piece considers the Business Case [...]

Region Risk: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Q1 2014

06-15-2014|Europe, Middle East, Africa


An overview of global sourcing Risks & Opportunities in Kenya, Russia & Egypt.

IAOP Chapter Meeting: OCC Compliance



The IAOP Governance chapter, co-chaired by Neo Group, Applied Materials, Blue Shield of California, and Boston Scientific in conjunction with the Financial Services Chapter, co-chaired by Wells Fargo, will host [...]

Why Chief Digital Officers Should Imagine Talent Without Borders



The competition for digital and technology talent is at an all-time high. Digital leaders are faced with a growing challenge in finding and retaining talent to achieve their strategic objectives. [...]

Outsourcing in Australia and New Zealand



Supply Wisdom data and analysis on the outsourcing industry in Australia and New Zealand are featured in IAOP Pulse Magazine's article: Hot, Hot, Hot: Australia and New Zealand. As published [...]

Region Risk: The Americas, Q1 2014

05-15-2014|Risk Infographics


An overview of global sourcing Risks & Opportunities in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

7th Annual Shared Assessments Summit



The 7th Annual Shared Assessments Summit took place at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Boston, MA on May 20th and 21st, 2014. Over the course of two days, senior risk [...]

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