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Global Governance: An Integrated Approach to Leveraging Market Data to Better Manage Global Risks



SIG's Global Summits are packed with the latest best practices, cost-cutting strategies, innovative processes, and risk-mitigation approaches. You'll hear from industry thought leaders and have the opportunity to network with [...]

Nearshore Americas Power 50 2013

03-27-2013|In the News


POWER 50 2013: The Real Operators The Official List of Most Influential Executives in Nearshore Outsourcing It is often said that outsourcing is a people business. And in this newly [...]

Explore the Tale of Tier 2 Cities for IT Outsourcing Options

03-17-2013|In the News


CIO — IT outsourcing providers are increasingly setting up operations in so-called tier-2 cities to decrease their cost of delivery and access new labor pools. "As offshoring grows, most leading [...]

Seeking Employment in Outsourcing? Here’s 5 things to consider



As the economy continues to slowly improve, many are looking at opportunities outside their domestic markets and often with companies that are global players. We particularly heard from jobseekers looking [...]

Integrated Global Governance



Many organizations are recognizing that effective global Governance and Vendor Management requires more - often much more - than post period tracking of whether suppliers are performing in line with [...]

Is Brazil Headed for Higher Attrition and Increased Pricing?



Atul Vashistha of Neo Group sees more multinationals arriving into Brazil, thus triggering greater competition for talent.

General Motors To Hire 3,000 H-P Workers

10-27-2012|In the News


General Motors said Thursday it will take 3,000 workers from operations it outsourced to Hewlett-Packard and put them on GM's payroll. It's part of GM's previously announced strategy to bring [...]

Middle East Violence Deters Outsourcers

09-27-2012|In the News


Companies are less likely to outsource IT jobs to Middle Eastern countries embroiled in sectarian or political violence, a point underscored by President Obama during his Tuesday address to the [...]

Latin America: Trends, Traps and Emerging Opportunities



Staff Augmentation. Labor Arbitrage. India. For many out there, outsourcing seems to be defined largely by the above – people working for low compensation in locations such as India helping [...]

Globalization Psychology 1: Outsourcing & The Lottery



Any of us are sometimes reluctant to make what look like simple switching choices. Returning from a brief stop at London’s Olympic Games this week (no I didn’t run, jump, [...]

India’s Massive Blackout Tests Outsourcing Providers

08-15-2012|In the News


CIO — In what experts are calling one of the worst blackouts in history, more than half a billion people were without power when the grids in north and west [...]

Vendor Management – Multi-location, Multi-supplier



What to watch out for in multi-location, multi-supplier deals, according to a Nexus panel with UBS, Capgemini, Citi and NeoGroup

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