What is Supply Wisdom?

Supply WisdomSM is a real-time risk and disruption monitoring service that enables enterprises to continuously receive data, alerts and health reports on their third parties and locations.

Leading banks, insurance, financial services, health care, life sciences, retail, logistics and other global enterprises use Supply Wisdom to optimize sourcing decisions, enhance business continuity practices, support assessments, improve risk management and ongoing supplier governance.

How does Supply Wisdom Work?


Data is continuously collected from multiple public, semi-private and private data sources at country, city and supplier levels as well as Neo Group’s extensive network of industry experts, leaders and contacts to ensure timeliness and accuracy.


Our framework dynamically evaluates 350+ parameters & indicators using an efficient Proprietary Analytical Engine. Supply Wisdom cuts across geographical footprint, size, tier, ownership and process streams in order to provide a complete risk profile that goes well beyond financial & credit risk coverage for suppliers and macro-economic & geo-political factors for locations.


A proprietary predictive engine on a cloud platform which delivers a powerful, interactive experience  is used to analyze risk over extended periods of time and against known behavior or similar targets to pick up early warning signals, predict future risk outlooks and identify opportunities.


Results and analysis are shared with clients in real time using a reporting engine that offers data-intensive format as well as an executive summary with recommendations, accessible 24/7 using the SW interactive cloud platform.


Tiered solutions let you choose the level of coverage that fits your needs. From Alerts that we deliver in real-time, to data that offers historical and current information on locations and suppliers to a Manager level solution that delivers comprehensive analysis & actionable guidance, including quarterly risk profiling.


Comprehensive, 360-degree coverage of any location or supplier in the world, enabling you to monitor and analyze your entire services supply chain from a single platform.


We recently consolidated our data collection from varied sources across all of our business units because Supply WisdomSM provides us depth and breadth across all of our key criteria. Supply WisdomSM acts as a comprehensive and objective source for timely insights for us to seamlessly integrate into our existing internal processes.
Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company
For us, risk ratings provided through Supply WisdomSM is a critical input while evaluating location specific strategy, negotiating agreements and managing ongoing operations. We discuss risk trends and risk management recommendations in quarterly governance meetings.
This helps us plan ahead for key events that may impact our operations.
A Global 500 Financial Services Company
Data on wages, attrition and other key parameters provided through Supply WisdomSM helped us effectively negotiate a large deal with a provider. Critical risk mitigation recommendations regarding a possible tax change, helped us re-allocate our portfolio and save over $3 Million a year. Supply WisdomSM is used extensively by our governance teams to monitor vendor performance on an ongoing basis.
A Fortune 500 Technology Company
Supply WisdomSM supports our internal efforts to manage risks across our portfolio. Standard risk ratings and detailed risk profiles help us keep a pulse on our key global suppliers and locations. Our team relies on Supply WisdomSM for key data points and detailed information we cannot capture anywhere else. Having a trusted one-stop partner like Supply WisdomSM to monitor our strategic suppliers is essential to our business.
Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company
We are very pleased with the comprehensive nature of the due diligence and subsequent analysis. The information definitely helps us understand the offshore marketplace better. In fact, the risk assessment will be critical to our offshore initiatives going forward.
Global 2000 Financial Services Company