With ‘Reputation’ Comes ‘Responsibility’

According to a recent survey conducted by Deloitte, 87% of business executives believe that reputation is their largest risk area and only 19% of respondents committed to having their businesses adequately protected. In today’s world with hackers found in almost every third street waiting for corporates to make a miss, it becomes a ‘need’ for […]

Supply Wisdom SM announces an industry milestone All aspects of our Third Party Risk monitoring solutions are 100% real-time and continuous.

Supply Wisdom SM clients can now access all of Supply Wisdom’s Supplier and Location risk solutions on a continuous, real-time basis, including Alerts, Data and Guidance, as well as Health and Risk Scores.   Boston, MA – November 15, 2017 – In the current climate of unprecedented weather-related disasters and geo-political uncertainty, corporations are increasingly […]

Possible Consequences for the Acquisition of Level 3 Communications by CenturyLink

Over the last few months, most technology companies have been investing through acquisitions in order to accelerate growth and market share. Of late, Supply Wisdom has seen several organizations reorganizing their service models and growth strategies. With the rising requirement for newer technologies, most large suppliers are acquiring smaller companies to create more value for […]